Disposable Electronic Cigar (non-rechargeable)


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1 to 3=$16.95 per unit
4 to 8=$14.00 per unit
9 to 11=$12.00 per unit
12 or more=$10.00 per unit
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How many puffs do you get from a tobacco cigar? We can guarantee it isn’t close to the 1,000+ puffs you’ll get from our soft-tipped disposable electronic cigar. Just one e-cigar is the equivalent more than 20 traditional cigars. Don’t forget the full-bodied vapor and pleasing flavors. They all dissipate in a clean mist, leaving you without heavy cigar odors that permeate hair, clothing, upholstery & vehicles.


The tip even glows as you puff! This is a non-rechargeable, disposable, one-piece e-cigar that will have everyone sharing your air glad you switched to electronic!

Choose Cohiba or Cuba for a traditional experience.

Available in 24mg nicotine strength.
Overall Length: 5 7/8″
Ring Gauge: 46