Refillable E-cig Clearomizers


Sold in sets of 5. Not sold individually.



Available in set of 5 fun colors (not sold individually).

For advanced e-cig vapers who prefer to “Fill Your Own,” we now offer a colorful refillable clearomizer to pair with our e-cig batteries. The tank holds up to 1.3ml of e-juice.

If you’ve been buying our prefilled cartridges and are ready for a money-saving and more environmentally friendly alternative, give longer-lasting clearomizers a try.

You’ll be amazed at the new world of vaping flavors this will open up for you!

We recommend our e-juice, as only ours is formulated to the right thickness for the clearomizers and tankomizers sold on We carry 25 delectable flavors. Be sure to add some to your order!

Please note that these regular-size clearomizers are NOT compatible with our variable-voltage MOD batteries, as those require a CE4 (much larger) clearomizer.