Pocket Starter E-Cig Kit

$79.00 $29.95

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Whether you’re trying e-cigs to replace tar cigarettes for the first time, or just don’t want to spend a lot, we offer a slim kit with just the basics. Our E-Cig case is perfect for slipping into your pocket so you’re ready for on-the-go vaping. Best of all, you’ll save while you smoke. This kit gives you 2 batteries so one can be charged and ready while using the other. And it starts you off with the equivalent of 5 packs of smokes! Bought separately, all the items in your kit would cost nearly $79! It makes your decision to go electronic even smarter, doesn’t it?

Your kit includes:

1 Carrying Case ($14.95 value)
2 Black/Blue Ash Tip Batteries ($39.90 value)
1 USB Charger ($12.00 value)
1 Pack of (5) Prefilled Cartridges: ($12.00 value)
– Choose from 2 flavors: Tobacco, Menthol
– Choose your nicotine level: 16mg, 11mg, 6mg or Zero Nicotine