Hybrid Electronic Pipe Kit

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Hybrid Electronic Pipe Kit

How do you relive the pipe tobacco smoking you didn’t want to give up? With a powerful e-pipe that delivers. Relax and enjoy the full-volume vapor and convenience provided by our prefilled disposable cartridges (included) or the easy to fill tankomizer (included). Select the nicotine level and flavor to suit your taste. Choose from one of our many rich flavors: Tobacco, Vanilla, Cherry, Coffee, Mocha or French Pipe.

All flavors are available in 3 nicotine strengths: 16mg, 11mg, and 0mg.

Your electronic pipe kit – presented in a handsome gift box – includes:
1 Bowl
2 Mouthpieces with Locking Stems
1 Tankomizer with built in Atomizer/Coil
1 Pack of 5 Prefilled Disposable Cartridges
2 Rechargeable Batteries with Amber LED
1 Wall Charger
1 Free Bottle of E-Liquid

Anatomy of our e-pipe kit

Brand New! Turn your Electronic Pipe Kit into a Hybrid by ordering blank cartridges and filling them with any of our E-Liquid Nicotine “Juice” flavors!

What makes this e-Pipe a Hybrid?
It’s very simple, all of our other e-Pipes can utilize a refillable tankomizer. This Hybrid allows YOU to choose whether you want to use a tankomizer, prefilled cartridges, or refillable cartridges. Customize it based on your preference. If you prefer to buy prefilled cartridges then you can. If you prefer to refill the cartridges with your favorite e-liquid then great! If you want to skip the cartridges all together and simply fill a tankomizer with your favorite e-liquid then the choice is all yours!