Deluxe “Smoke Anywhere” E-Cig Kit

$106.40 $39.95

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From restaurants to nightclubs, indoors or out, your smoking freedom is at hand. If you’re serious about enjoying a richly-flavored smoke anywhere, this e-cig kit is for you. Our reliable batteries with chargers for home/computer/car, enough prefilled cartridges to equal half a carton of cigarettes, and a carrying case make this a mega value. If you bought these items separately, you’d pay $106.40!

Your deluxe “Smoke Anywhere” kit includes:

2 Batteries ($39.90 value)
1 Pack of (5) Prefilled Cartridges ($12.50 value)
1 USB Charger with Wall Adapter ($21.00 value)
1 Car Charger ($12.00 value)
Carrying Case (up to $21.00 value)