Electronic cigars allow you to Smoke/Vape with no offensive or lingering odors. You can now enjoy a full-bodied smoking experience with or without nicotine. We offer 3 fantastic e-Cigar Options from which to choose depending on your preference each producing excellent flavor & vapor volume.

  • Disposable Cigars (as low as $10 ea.)
  • UR-Cigar Kit: Rechargeble with Convenient Replaceable Soft Tip Cartridges
  • V-Cigar Kit: Rechargeable & Refillable with your favorite e-Liquid

If you enjoy relaxing with a good cigar be sure to check these out. Electronic Cigars are easy to use, more convenient than traditional cigars and will not cause odor issues for those nearby. VapeInStyle has assembled the very best e-Cigars with a “Traditional Appearance”. Choose from “Handy Disposable Cigars” to Rechargeable e-Cigars with “Convenient Prefilled Cartridges” or “Refillable e-Cigar” models.

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vCigar Electronic Cigar Kit

V-Cigar Kit (Refillable & Rechargeable)

$89.00 $69.00 Kits are sold out, click image to see available parts. Refillable V-Cigar available exclusively through…

We are currently out of stock on the V-Cigar Kit. Please scroll down for replacement parts.