Electronic Cigars For All Festivities

electronic cigar festivities
Cinco de Mayo may be over, but the flavors, the color, and the spirit live on! Our rechargeable electronic cigar kit lets you continue the celebration like there’s no manana! Choose your flavor, pick your nicotine level and be the conquistador of your own smoke. See our VIDEO and get ready to enjoy 1000 puffs of aromatic e-cigar. Whether your e-cigar helps you unwind after a relaxing mid-day siesta or makes you feel like you’re living la vida loca, Smoke in Style’s e-cigars transport you to your favorite “go to” place. Choose from our never-ending rechargeable electronic cigars or our convenient single disposable e-cigar.

electronic cigar flavors
Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro…..too many delicious flavors to count! Spicy Cohiba, bold Cuba, juicy Cherry, delicious Mocha. No need to head to the border for a festive drink and enjoyable e-smoke. Gather your closest amigos and create a carnival of your own with our cigarros electronicos. Choose to stay at home in your comfy casa, or venture out. With e-cigars, there is no more harsh smell that lingers in your home, or heavy smoke that offends others. Only a pleasurable aroma that dissolves into a clean mist, with bursts of exciting e-cig flavor in every puff. Our vaping products and large variety of E-Juice flavors will keep you and your loved ones muy satisfecho!

An Electronic Cigar That’s All Flavor. No Mystery.

ecigar all flavor
It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out how hazardous standard cigarettes are to your health and why our Electronic Cigarettes and Electronic Cigar is so much better. A regular cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 carcinogens and 400 toxins proven to cause a long list of cancers, sicknesses, and fatalities. Don’t let big cigarette companies get away with murder. Let Smoke in Style Electronic Cigarettes keep the nicotine cravings at bay so you can avoid unpleasant withdrawal. Enjoy smoking pleasure without sacrificing great taste and satisfaction. It’s elementary, dear Watson!

Electronic Cigar and Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigars and Electronic Pipes: Just One More Thing, Sir…

And don’t forget our Electronic Cigars and Electronic Pipes. Bold, robust, sweet, or tangy. Even Detective Columbo himself wouldn’t wise-crack about the full-flavor of our E-Cigars and E-Pipes. But don’t take our word for it. Try our electronic pipe kit or electronic cigar kit to get you started. They contain all the elements you need for an enjoyable, enduring smoke in one convenient package. Our e-smoke kits are handsome enough to display in your home, or to present as jaw-dropping gifts.

Vapor Cigars – A Taste You Can Believe In

vapor cigars
Political pundits ticking you off? Find yourself shaking your head in disbelief? Yeah…us too. At least with Vapor Cigars from Smoke in Style it’s easy to elect a solid candidate for a truly relaxing e-smoke. And unlike the typical political mud-slinger, we always keep it tasteful. Our Vapor Cigars, savory e-pipe aromas, mouth-watering e-cig flavors, and full-flavored e-cigars are second to none. And we’re not just blowing smoke! You won’t find corrupt carcinogens in our products like you find in standard cigarettes. It’s good to know there are still some things we can trust.

vapor cigars
Over the years we’ve proven our e cig products have something in common with our national emblem above: Long life span, great strength, and dashing looks. There’s no pulling the wool over your eyes with Smoke in Style e-cigs, e-pipes, and e-cigars. Our succulent flavors, long-lasting batteries, easy-to-use cartridges, and attractive design speak for themselves.

A wise man once said “Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.” We hope we’ve helped you choose a better alternative to regular smoking by freeing you of unhealthy cigarettes and allowing you the amazing smoking pleasure you deserve with our wide variety of e-cigs, e-pipes, and vapor cigars.

Smoke in Style: A Taste You Can Believe In.

St. Pats Lucky e-Pipe, e-Cigar, and e-Cigs

st pats e-pipe

When Irish eyes are smiling, it’s because he’s got a foamy beer in one hand, and a flavorful e-pipe in the other. This St. Patrick’s Day let the luck o’ the Irish take you on a journey to find the tastiest electronic pipe ever. Avoid the shenanigans and choose from Smoke in Style’s fine line of e-pipes and e-cigars. Our delicious flavors will have you breaking into a jig! Check out our special offer: Refillable e-Pipe with a Double Bonus: A free bottle of e-liquid and disposable e-Cigar. While supplies last…or before a sneaky pixie gets to them first.

Irish e-cigs

Let’s not forget the lassies! Let one of our festive electronic cigs be your lucky charm for the night. Emerald green? Pot o’ Gold? We offer a whole rainbow of e-cig colors to help you spread the St. Patty’s Day cheer. Try one of our many e-cig flavors (Irish Cream, Irish Coffee, Whisky, and more). You’ll be rockin’ on like a leprechaun!

Kiss me, I’m Irish. And smoke-free! If you’re lucky enough to have a Smoke in Style E-cig, you’re lucky enough. Not only are our Electronic cig flavors magically delicious, they smell great too. Don’t put a damper on the festivities with stale-smelling cigarettes. E-cigs, E-cigars, and E-pipes will have you smelling fresh and clean as a whistle!

Spice up the Romance with an Electronic Cigar or Electronic Cigarette

e-cigar to remember

Give Him a Night to Remember and an Electronic Cigar

A gift of an Electronic Cigar and your adoration are all you need to give him a night to remember. After he has wined and dined you, return the favor and present him with an elegant Electronic Cigar or exquisite Electronic Pipe to end the evening on a sophisticated note. Or, is the evening just beginning? Pleasures are better when shared. Why not join him with your own ultra-sexy, jeweled Electronic Cigarette.

E-Cig puff

Pleasure in Every Electronic Cigarette Puff

Valentine’s Day is here and gone but why not keep adding a little spice to your romantic life? When do you like to puff? Before or after a passionate night? Light the candles, smooth out the red satin sheets, play some seductive music, and let the fun begin. Unwind and relax with some mouth-watering Electronic Cigarette flavors (luscious cherry, dreamy chocolate cream, Mmm…mango). Or celebrate the end of a climactic night with a well-deserved vape. Our Deluxe “Smoke Anywhere” Electronic Cigarette Kit is perfect for a secret rendezvous away from home, easily charged from a car or laptop (hotel).

Surprise Her with an Extra-Sexy Electronic Cigarette Gift

She’s a princess with high-end tastes, or an adventurer who loves to try new things. Maybe both. Your sweetheart lights up your world. Don’t bore her with the standard box of chocolates and short-lived flowers. Why not bring the sparkle out in her eyes with a gorgeous gemmed Electronic Cigarette carrying case, filled with a colorful bouquet of stylish electronic cigarettes, and succulent E-Juice flavors?

Goodbye, nasty cigarettes… Hello, libido!

e-cigar libido

Increase your sexual satisfaction, and the frequency of those lusty moments, by quitting standard cigarettes, and opting for E-Cigs, E-Cigars, or E-Pipes.

Men, when you light up that cigarette, you put out the flames of desire in more ways than one. First, the harsh odor of cigarettes is a major turn off. Intimacy means closeness. And closeness means relishing in the feel and scent of your partner. When that scent is foul-smelling cigarette smoke, it weakens the sexual chemistry. Second, with each puff you take of a toxic cigarette, your own sexual cravings diminish. Men who don’t smoke have more sexual energy, and are able to please their partners longer without tiring out. Third, smoking harmful cigarettes impairs blood flow in both mature and young men.   Habitual smoking contributes to erectile dysfunction. And there is NO “fun” in dysfunction.

Do yourself (and your lover) a favor by replacing limp cigarettes with Smoke in Style’s high-performance E-Cigs, E-Cigars, or E-Pipes. Experience the difference.

E-Cigs, E-Pipes, and E-cigars Winter Flavors

ecigars cold outside

Hey, Baby. It’s cold outside…

The weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s deliciously delightful. Curl up to the fire with a good book, a dark, rich coffee, and the seductively sweet aroma of an Electronic-pipe. Or maybe enjoy a fine whiskey with a full-bodied E-Cigar as you enjoy the sharp crackling of the rolling flame. Watch the snow gently fall, as calming clouds of fragrant E-vapor melt your cares away. Now THAT’S what winter evenings are all about.

ecigs cold outside

This Winter, Choose Adventure!

Cabin Fever is life’s way of saying, “Get out there!” Cold-weather blues can keep you indoors. Don’t miss out on the action. Skiing, snow-shoeing, and snow-mobile races get the blood flowing and make you feel alive. Now that you’ve kicked the crude cigarette habit, and exchanged those stinky sticks for a healthier alternative in E-Cigs, E-Pipes, or E-cigars, you have more energy, improved lungs, and a most excellent treat (Apple, Cinnamon, Menthol, or Whiskey flavor?) to look forward to back at the cabin, chalet, or neighborhood watering hole.

E-Cigars and E-Cigs Fit For A Jedi Master

e-cigars e-cigs

Enjoy it, you will…

The flavorful Force of our E-Cigars and E-Cigs keeps you away from evil carcinogens, and closer to true, bold taste. You’ll find a strong Alliance of E-juice flavors and sexy e-cig devices to suit any preference and mood. Toasted Tobacco, Irish Cream, Royal Black, Rum, Toffee. Enjoy it, you will!

Stay on Target!

Cigarette habit got you down? Crush those impulses without sacrificing your Rebel nature. In our experience there’s no such thing as luck. Electronic Cigars and E-Cigarettes will help you “stay on target.” No Jedi mind tricks. Just pure relaxation and soothing aroma that lasts

These New Year’s Resolutions Should Be on Your List!

Let Smoke in Style help you ring in the New Year with a resolution for self-improvement, a pledge to appreciate all of life’s moments, and a promise to stay close to those who matter most.

Make This Year Your Healthiest One Yet!

Many people try to give up smoking cigarettes each year, only to slip back to their dangerous addiction. Those who try to quit with little or no support face an enormous challenge. The use of electronic cigarettes can help longtime smokers finally quit for good. Not only do E-Cigs satisfy cravings, they also replace the physical “act” of smoking. As an E-Cig user, you can wean yourself off standard toxic cigarettes in no time. Choose the level of nicotine (high, moderate, low, and zero). Select your flavor (menthol, cherry, cinnamon, Irish Whiskey, and more.) Kiss your gross standard cig habit goodbye!

Never Settle for Less.

This year, pursue quality in all of life’s moments. Whether it’s enjoying a drink by the fire at the ski lodge, or fishing by the creek with buds, or playing a game of billiards to start off that bachelor party. Enhance each moment with great food, fine drink, and an exquisite tasting E-Cigar, E-Piper, or E-Cig.

Keep Closer with Family and Friends.

Don’t miss life’s special moments because you had to dash out to smoke that standard cigarette. Having to excuse yourself from a family gathering or a friend’s party (in the rain, snow, sleet….egad) every thirty minutes can “literally” be a drag. This year make a resolution to put friends and family first. Use E-Cigs, E-Pipes, or E-cigars to keep you IN the moment.

The Ultimate in Tasteful Gifts this Holiday Season – Excellent to Give. Wonderful to Receive.

epipe gifts

One Stop Holiday Gift Destination.

Smoke in Style is your one stop holiday gift destination for the adult pleasure-seekers in your life. When you give Smoke in Style E-Cigars, E-Pipes, or E-cigs, you’re giving a gift of long-lasting taste wrapped in classic elegance. Our customers would agree, discovering a soft-tipped E-Cigar Kit (900 puffs!) or a fine-looking E-Pipe Case (Irish Marble, Ivory, Mahogany and Sahara) under the tree is always a holiday wish come true.

Straight to Their Door!

When you can’t be with your loved ones during the holidays, have Electronic Pipe or Cigar Kits delivered straight to their door! These exceptionally handsome gifts are sure to spread yuletide cheer to friends, family, and colleagues near and far. They’ll be thanking you all year round!

ecigar gifts

Stuff those stockings with care.

E-pipe refill cartridges for dad. E-Juice flavors for your friends. Attractive E-Cig carrying cases for the accessory-lovers. Single disposable Electronic cigars for the curious novices. Give them extra holiday joy with personal gifts that compliment every unique taste.

Score one for the team with an E-Cigar

Take the Lead. Land some new players. Go long! Welcome out of hibernation, football fans! Somehow, you survived this loooong-awaited season, and it’s time to get your action-packed game on! High-five your buds, check those Fantasy Football stats, and make time for a long-lasting E-cigar that will see you through overtime. Don’t put your non-smoking pals on the defense with traditional cigars. Tackle that harsh, eye-irritating odor, and be a team-player by enjoying a tasty Smoke in Style E-Cigar instead.

Best Times are Found When Friends and Family Gather Round
e-cigar thanksgiving
A chill is in the air, but the warmth of home and holiday anticipation give reason to bring people together. Families gather, friends congregate, and a spirit of togetherness sees us through the long, dark evenings. There’s no need to excuse yourself from that bond of closeness to sneak a drag of that harmful standard cigarette or take a puff of that stinky traditional cigar in the bitter outdoors. Keep a juicy E-cigar or flavorful E-cig close at hand, and you’ll never have to leave the celebration.

Give Thanks!
electronic cigar thanksgiving
When you make the choice to use E-cigars, E-cigs, or E-pipes, you not only eliminate the health risks associated with standard smoking; you consciously preserve the well-being of those around you. Not only your community, but also the people you love the most. So, there’s much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving Season. Here’s to continued health, love of family, and closeness of friends. And here’s to YOU, our loyal customers, for your unwavering support throughout the years!

Host an E-Juice Tasting Party

Unique Party Trend
Ladies, you’ve been to the candle parties (Bye bye, paycheck), cosmetic parties (Fingers crossed for no skin reaction), naughty underwear parties (Still on the hanger), and kitchenware parties (You mean I can cook and clean even more?? Woo!…Not). Why not try something you and your friends will surely enjoy? Host a relaxed evening of wine, food, and your favorite music, while giving the gals an opportunity to try a mouthwatering variety of E-Juice flavors.

Mix and Match
Who doesn’t like trying new E-cig flavors? There’s a flavor to suit any preference and enhance any mood. Pass out menu cards so attendees can write down their favorite flavors and rank them accordingly. Encourage your friends to try mixing E-juices and see who can come up with the most original or most delicious concoction? Who can come up with the coolest name for their combination? Mango-Colada Fantasy? Mocha-Amaretto Supreme? Vanilla-Cherry Bomb?

Winner Takes All
Playful competition brings a lot of laughs. Have your guests try to guess different combinations of E-Juice flavors. Stump them with Apple-Toffee, or Strawberry-Chocolate Cream. Winner takes home a lovely basket of Smoke In Style E-juices, or a sexy Smoke in Style E-Cigarette carrying case.