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Electronic Pipe ePipe

Replace your tobacco pipe with one of our Electronic Pipes. Enjoy vapor with a robust taste. e-Pipes leave no odor or mess behind which is pleasing to those around! VapeInStyle with an e-Pipe that meets your…

$79 — $129
Electronic Cigar eCigar

If you enjoy relaxing with a good cigar be sure to check these out. Electronic Cigars are easy to use, more convenient than traditional cigars and will not cause odor issues for those nearby. VapeInStyle has assembled the…

$10 — $69
eLiquid eJuice Nicotine

For vapors who enjoy the cost saving of refilling your own e-Pipe, e-Cigar or e-Cig. Our e-Liquids are compatible with all VapeInStyle devices! You can choose from traditional tobacco flavors or some of our non traditional e-Juices such as Fruity or…

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ecigar epipe specials

Be sure to check our Specials page for deep discounts. New Products, Featured Combinations, Overstocked & Clearance items can all be found right here. Signing up for our Newsletter will provide an additional savings of 15% on every product…

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ePipe Refills

Embrace tradition while forging new paths. Using the micro-technology of Cartomizers, these e-pipe cartridge refills (pack of 5) provide a fulfilling smoke with thick, aromatic vapor. You can now choose between Prefilled or…

$7 — $15
eCigar Refills

Pack of 4 soft-tipped cartridge refills compatible with our Rechargeable UR Electronic Cigar. Each UR-Cigar cartridge lasts approximately 900 puffs and features a soft chewable tip. Choose from a variety of flavors and…

vCigar Electronic Cigar Parts

Everything you need to keep your Refillable V-Cigar working properly. Tanks, Coils, Chargers, Mouthpieces and Spare Batteries can all be found here. This Refillable e-Cigar is revolutionizing the market with a traditional look and feel…

ePipe Parts

All e-Pipe Parts sold on VapeInStyle.com can be found on this page. Each part is noted for compatibility to your specific Electronic Pipe. Some parts are compatible with all pipes such as batteries and chargers. Be sure to…

eCig Mods Electronic Cigarette

Great value if you’re serious about leaving traditional tobacco behind. These e-Cig & MOD Kits come in traditional appearances or awesome color combinations. Be sure to check out the Jeweled LED Tipped e-Cigs and the…

$24 — $39
designer ecig batteries

If you really want to Look Good ~ Feel Good… You must to see our line of Designer e-Cig Batteries featuring the Jewel LED Tip e-Cig. Make a classy statement without…

$10 — $13
E-CIG Clearomizer Tank

Ready to take the next step? Check out these great Euro-Style e-Cig Clearomizers. Available in clear or color to enhance your Vaping Pleasure and Appearance. A Euro-Style Clearomizer will provide…

mod tank clearomizer

Available in multiple color groups these CE4 Clearomizers are perfect for our Variable Voltage Mods. This CE4 Clearomizer for MODS eliminates the refilling fuss because it is…


Vaping Devices have become mainstream because they are “Safer” & “Cleaner” than traditional tobacco products. No more fire for ignition… No more messy ashes or odor on your clothing and furniture… Even your car & pets will smell better. Yes it is a change, a notable change of style & safety for you and those nearby.